Why skillseeker?

This century has experienced massive advances in technology. Looking forward you can expect to see a completely different workplace by 2030.
Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that automation has impacted almost everyone over the last decade. The expectation for most is that transactional activities, once handled by people, are now handled by technology.

Focusing on the skills you need today is like firing a rocket at where the moon is now…the skills required, like the moon, will have moved by the time you reach your goal.
According to Deloitte Access Economics, the most valued skills in the future will be soft/professional skills which are difficult to self-assess. skillseeker uses realistic scenarios and intelligent questioning to assess current approaches and skills.
Whether you are a leader who wants to focus on the skills to help your people achieve business goals, or an individual who wants to develop the skills that will further your career and personal success, skillseeker can help.

Which skills make people most employable?

*Summary of results from consulting project in conjunction with 80000HOURS.ORG

Active Listening
Social Perceptiveness
Spoken Communication
Analysis and Problem Solving

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